WordPress and WordPress e-Commerce

We have helped many clients - both end-users and developers - with WordPress and WordPress e-Commerce (WPEC) installations. We have modified and customised the standard code to the client's particular requirements; for example changing the way tax and pricing are displayed, or modifying the packing slips and outgoing emails, or creating a custom shipping module.

Payment Systems

We have particular experience integrating payment systems, both within WPEC and outside of it. We have extensive experience of working with Sagepay, Paypal and Worldpay on WPEC.

WordPress e-Commerce Gateways Available

The following is a non-exhaustive list of gateways that have been developed for clients. Contact us if you are interested in any of them.

  • PayEx
  • SecureTrading
  • TransFirst
  • Barclays ePDQ
  • Bitcoin
  • Korta

Performance / site speed-up

Did you know that slow sites cost you sales? The longer someone sits with a blank screen in front of them the more likely they are to go back where they've come from and try one of your competitors instead. (Another aspect is that being slow can negatively affect your search rankings, but that's a side-effect of being less useful to humans). We recently took a slow retail site that (according to webpagtest.org) had a "start render" time in excess of ten seconds. On the latest test it was down to less than one second! This sort of work pays for itself very quickly and thereafter just increases your profits.


We will be making some Wordpress plugins available. See here.

Contact us

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