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We are starting to make plugins available here. To kick things off here is a free one.

Inclusive Tax for Notification emails.

In some countries, (e.g. Denmark, Sweden) although prices must be displayed inclusive of VAT (sales tax), the customer receipt must show how much tax has been paid. This plugin allows the use of the %incl_tax% tag in the customer notification email (which is set up in the admin interface). Additionally it adds a line to the admin notification email (which is hard-coded) with the same info.

Caveats: this doesn't account for any tax on shipping; nor for discounts, coupons, additional tax or anything else. But if you are running a nice simple shop it should work. The plugin can be downloaded here. To install, unzip inside your plugins directory and activate in the usual way.

This plugin is provided free of charge and is of course GPL. If you do find it useful, do consider making a donation - contact us to do so. We are happy to provide support at our usual rates, and to further develop it if you need any other custom tags added.

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