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Search Engines

Search engine optimisation companies

There are other companies that specialise in "placing" web pages in the top ten Google (etc) results in highly competitive markets (e.g. "cheap flights"). Many of the techniques used attempt to mislead the search engines into giving higher placements. This has resulted in an "arms race" between the search engine optimisation (SEO) companies and the search engines themselves. Check out what Google has to say on the subject.

Don't get dropped!

Leaving aside the ethical considerations, these techniques are also highly vulnerable to changes in the ranking algorithms, and websites can and do find themselves removed from the rankings altogether if the search engine company feels that the effectiveness of their system is being compromised.

Polite optimization

However many SEO techniques are common sense - and work. These include making sure that your site is linked to by other sites - a crucial part of Google's PageRank system. Similarly, if you sell musical instruments, put your pianos pages in a directory called "pianos".
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